Traditional medicine, with its holistic view focusing on prevention and cure of diseases, has developed over many millennia in Europe. The TEM-Academy sets itself the goal to pass on this valuable ancient healing knowledge by recognized speakers, to secure it and to make it applicable in the present. The base and reference point is the humoral medicine / theory of the four humors, with the emphasis on practical application. It is equally important for us to make the initial connection of man and nature tangible and to offer seminars that serve the human being as a whole and his inner wealth. TEM considers every individual as an artistic synthesis integrated in the inspirited nature.


Target audience

The 3-year extra-occupational education program is aimed at all interested people, as well as physicians, pharmacists, therapists and health professionals who want to extend their knowledge and skills.


Additional qualification

All courses offered by the TEM-Academy are not classical trainings for a recognized health profession in Austria or other countries. There are proper further education institutions for this aim. Our courses and seminars are additional qualifications for each basic profession, but not meant as trainings for established health care professions. Since the entire traditional medicine does not yet meet the required scientific criteria of established health professions, the contents of our trainings are not scientifically recognized.



The further education program takes place at the Hotel Sperlhof in Windischgarsten/Upper Austria. We have deliberately chosen this place as it provides all natural resources for the practical work from the mountain pastures and high mountains down to the lakeland. Windischgarsten is centrally located and very well accessible. Therefore, all interested people in the TEM have the opportunity to fine one another in joint action, exchange and research.


Previous further education programs

The TEM-Academy has already taken place four times:

TEM-Academy 1 | 2008 – 2011
TEM-Academy 2 | 2009 – 2011
TEM-Academy 3 | 2011 – 2012
TEM-Academy 4 | 2012 – 2015

TEM-Academy 2015 – 2018

The contents of the 5 modules

  • Basics: history, ethics, philosophy, spirituality, magic, humoral medicine, doctrine of signatures, plants / excursions
  • Anamnesis and diagnosis: tongue, pulse, urine, iris, conversation, body signs, power of language, reflexology
  • Therapies: rhythms of man and nature, manual therapies such as e.g. cupping and wraps, mental hygiene, healing powers of touch, arts therapy, healing powers of voice, 4 temperaments kitchen, trance, hypnosis
  • Remedies: phytotherapy, ointments, stones, spagyrik and alchemy
  • Traditional healing systems: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM), Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, anthroposophic medicine


November 2015 – November 2018
28 weekends: Sat/Sun
3 whole weeks: Mon – Sat
710 teaching units / 50 mins each


Weekend seminars:
Sat, 10:00AM – app. 6:30PM
Sun, 9:00AM – app. 5.00PM
Weekly seminars:
Mon from 10:00AM
Tue – Sat from 9:00AM
Sat till app. 4:00PM


Hotel Sperlhof, / Windischgarsten, Upper Austria


Payment in full: € 9.000 + VAT
Payment per year: € 3.200 + VAT
Per weekend: € 280 + VAT
Whole week: € 780 + VAT
excluded accommodation

Individual booking of each seminar possible. Reduction for multiple bookings.

For each additional participant (company, family, friends, acquaintances) all persons get 25% off! Also students get 25% discount.

After booking please transfer the amount 30 days prior to the start of the seminar at the latest.


Prof. Karl Baier, Franca Bauer, Dr. med. Ruediger Dahlke, Dr. Dönckie Emchi, Luisa Francia, Friedemann Garvelmann, Mag.a pharm. Ursula Gerhold, Ernestine Halbwidl, Peter Hochmeier, Silke Jandl, Susanne Jarausch, Mag. Alois Krautgartner, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Bernhard Kutzler, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Machatschek, Arnold Mayer, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Pietschmann, Dieter Poik, Angelika Prentner, Mag. Franz P. Redl, Prim.-Univ.-Doz. Annemarie Ulrike Schratter-Sehn, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Saukel, Dr. Pandit Sawant (eingeladen), Dr. Karl-Heinz Steinmetz, Dr. Wolf-Dieter Storl, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter Tschugguel, Miriam Wiegele, Judith Wieser, Helmut Wittmann.

Founder of TEM-Academy

Helmut Olesko

Head of TEM-Academy

Erna Janisch

Medical director

Dr. Gerhard Kögler


Erna Janisch
Tel: +43 / (0)699 / 1408 1404
E-mail: erna.janisch(at),

The opening of the TEM-Academy

170 listeners, more than half of whom are doctors, many pharmacists and other health professionals. The speakers present a cross-section through a wide range of quality training opportunities. A highlight was the impressive lecture by Prof. Leo Nefiodow about the sixth Kondratieff. Special thanks to the speakers and visitors who have undertaken very long journeys from Switzerland, Italy, Germany and partly Austria. Thanks also to Mrs. Mag. Maria Walcher from the Austrian Commission for UNESCO and the scientific advisory committee Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Saukel from Vienna and Dr. Lukas Rist from Richterswil.